Name: Sandip

Signature Classes: Power Hour

15 years Boxing and Kickboxing experience 

5 years amateur UFC Mixed Martial Arts 

5 years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor

​​Multiple amateur championships awards


Name: Tania
​Signature Classes: Cardio Box

I’ve been into athletics my whole life. I trained for all my childhood in dance, gymnastics, figure skating, and swimming. In the early years of my adulthood, I began to train very seriously in martial arts over seven years in New York City, and totally fell in love with it. I developed skills in judo, jujitsu, and aikido. Years later when I returned to Toronto, I trained in and taught cardio-kickboxing for three years. That was my calling! After a four year hiatus to focus on my family, I feel very fortunate to be returning to the fitness world instructing what I love most... (kick)boxing!

I’d like to believe that I inspire members to get enthusiastic and excited about fitness, no matter in what level they are.

Favourite Quote:
If you believe you can... you’re right! If you believe you can’t... you’re right! ​

Name:  Heather
​Signature Classes: Power Punch, TRX/Box, Power Hour

Heather spends majority of her time competing in multiple activities and loving all physical challenges that come her way. Driven by the pursuit of strength and conditioning through knowledge and training her philosophy is dedicated to distilling a holistic approach to health and physical activity through her love of boxing. Heather will put you through your paces that only a true boxer will know.  

The B-Fit Boxing Team:  Our Trainers

Name: Parm

Signature Classes: Power Hour, Combat Conditioning

15 years of Boxing experience

Parm is a performance trainer and athlete.  Driven by the pursuit of knowledge. His training philosophy is dedicated to distilling a discipline approach to health, movement and performance, using sound  principles and a variety of movement disciplines.                        He finds purpose in enabling people to discover their potential by building strong bodies and resilient minds through various boxing techniques

Multiple amateur championship awards


Name:  Emily
​Signature Classes: Fit Box

Emily is a certified group fitness instructor that has spent a majority of her life in sports and loves all physical challenges that came her way. From group teaching to her personal workout’s Emily is able to develop and deliver a workout routine that allows members to take full advantage of her physical knowledge and strength. This combined with Emily’s being a registered Nurse allows her to provide real life Fitness tips for maintaining an active and healthy life style.   

Name: Dorothy                                                                      Signature Class: Cardio Box                                                                                                                                                        Dorothy is a certified group fitness instructor and has been working in the industry instructing for a number of years. Dorothy is currently working towards a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in food and nutrition at Ryerson University.  She's passionate about good mental health, nutrition and fitness.                                                                                    Dorothy holds her Emergency First Aid / CPR Certification  Advanced. fst 3rd Edition- Food Safety Certification      CanFitPro

Name: Dave

Signature Classes: Technical Power Hour

35 years Boxing and Kickboxing experience

14 years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor

Multiple amateur championships awards

9 years competitive Tae Kwon do