"B-Fit boxing is awesome. I get to work with instructors that are certified and they are always there to help. I learned technique and skills. I am comfortable with the bags and equipment because during the classes, the instructors assist and they also participate in the workouts. This is the best place to be. I love it..to mention everyone including the staff are so friendly. I love it."

-Shernet S

"I joined 2 [months] ago. Love this place. Great workout, always challenging and the instructors are all really good and each have there own unique way of motivating the class. You can go at your own pace, just remember that you get out of it what you put into it. So pushing yourself and you will see results."

-Michael G.


What people are saying about us!

Before and After

"Excellent staff, facility, classes and variety of training styles. I love the different styles from the amazing variety of teachers. And I love the results in my strength, body and mind! Thank you B Fit!"

-Doris F.

"5 reasons I love B-Fit Boxing

1. Not an intimidating gym. I went to my first class 2 months ago and there were really fit, strong guys and girls, but there were other men and women in varying degrees of fitness (and ages) and I felt that I could give this a try. I met a women who has lost 50Ibs so far and is still losing weight!

2. Great Value! I have been to 3 to 4 classes a week and at $60/month, it works out to less than $5 per class. Even if I made it twice a week, it's only $7.50 a class. Fraction of the cost of a personal trainer but I feel like that is experience I am getting.

3. The Instructors are fantastic. They each have different styles and you walk away with a different type of pain each class (ie muscles are building in different places). Nancy has great nutritional advice and has crazy boot camp moves. Tanya has amazing High Energy routines and always offers encouragement when I think I'm about to break. Dave has great stretching moves and offers excellent training on boxing technique and form. Mark is the powerhouse who pushes us to build muscles-quads, shoulders, abs...

4. Simplicity. I like that the work outs I get here don't involve machines, counting calories, measuring weights, charts, scores. It's you, gloves, the mat, and the bags. I still can't complete an entire class yet but I can follow along and go at my pace, and no one says boo.

5. More Effective Work outs. I know yoga is great and running is great but here you run and box and do sit ups and box. The cross training between cardio and strength exercises allows your body to burn calories faster and makes every part of your body work.

Thanks B-Fit Boxing. I feel stronger, healthier and happier, in a painful sort of way"

-Patricia W